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Simplify the Working Parent’s Life  


The fact is that most families lead busy lives. Often times both parents work outside of the home. Additionally, the kids may be involved in extracurricular activities. The day can be quite hectic! To simplify your busy days, try the following tips:

Set up a schedule.

Schedules are a busy family’s best friend. Actually, schedules are the best friend to anyone who wants and needs to maximize their time. Put it where everyone can see it, like  on the refrigerator. Take it a step further and color code for each family member. At a glance, family members know what to expect each day.

Assign household chores.

Everyone should help around the house. Even a toddler can have responsibilities such as to put away toys after playtime. Celebrate completion of chores bu using a star chart. Or celebrate with periodic rewards like ice cream or a new book. In contrast, unfinished chores should lead to lost privileges. Chores help kids learn responsibility.

Select clothes ahead of time.

Have everyone pick out the next day’s outfit the night before. Get clothes, shoes, and school items assembled in advance. It will save time during those hectic mornings. If you you are up for a challenge, try getting the entire week’s outfits together on the weekend.

Cook several meals at once.

Make double or triple portions of meals that you can freeze for those extra busy days. You can also use leftovers for the next day’s meal. For example, a large pot roast for dinner can provide sandwiches the following day.

Choose a cleaning day.

Complete most of the housework or yardwork on a specific day each week. For example, instead of doing all the laundry on the weekend, try one load a day.

Schedule errands.

Avoid spontaneous trips to drop off dry cleaning, shop for groceries, or do banking. Organize a specific day each week to take care of everything at once. You’ll save time, gas, and energy.

Include daily down time.

Balance the daily rush by planning down time. Everyone in the family deserves it! After dinner, watch television, or play family games so everyone can relax.

Be flexible.

Do not beat yourself up if what you planned does not work. Within reason, negotiate the schedule if something isn’t working.

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