Let’s do the Hustle…The Parent Hustle

“Do the hustle!” Nooo…not the dance. Ok. I’ve dated myself. Hustle. I’ve been hearing this word a lot! So of course I started to think of it in terms of parenting.

Hustle. Most might immediately think of busy” when hearing the word hustle. Because WE ALL KNOW the life of a parent is busyyyyy. But I see it differently. From the perspective of parenting, I see it as doing what needs to be done for the good of the children. But not exactly with the focus being on the children. However, the kids will benefit from the parent hustle.

The parent hustle requires us to stay on our grind. (I’ve noticed that word used along with hustle…I think they’re related…like cousins or something).

So what does the parent hustle look like? 

It’s working purposefully on the WHOLE parent. Not only what we do for the children, but what we do for US….physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes as parents, we forget about the rest of our life. 

The parent hustle is more than raising whole, healthy kids. We have to continue developing ourselves as well.

Physical Parent Hustle

We must move our bodies. We only have one. Let’s be good to it, so it will be good to us. If we are always bone-weary, dog-tired, exhausted, ready to drop, worn out (you get the picture) how effective are we at parenting? Take a moment to marinate on that thought…..

I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have time…Make.The.Time.

Take a walk. Go to the local gym that offers childcare. Create your own workout area at home and find a youtube video to meet your exercise needs. Shucks…have the kids workout too. Imagine how tired they will be after sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, planks, squats…I’m kidding (maybe, kinda, sorta).

Emotional Parent Hustle

Reduce stress. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying no…without an explanation.

Parenting does not mean spending every waking moment with your children. We have got to spend time with other adults. Have coffee, lunch, brunch, or dinner with  a friend. Go on a date with your spouse.

Cry. If you feel like expressing emotions, sometimes a good cry will do the trick.

Spiritual Parent Hustle

Be aware of what is really important in life. Meditate. Be connected to the present moment. Read God’s word. Write in a journal. Spend time outside in nature. It is essential that we renew our spirit regularly.

So you see, the parent hustle is about the parent. Yet, the children also receive the benefits!

When we are hustling physically, emotionally, and spiritually we are becoming a better parent. We have more patience, increased energy and experience more happiness. It’s not about neglecting our children. It’s about changing our mindset. It’s doing what’s best for our children by taking care of ourselves.

The parent hustle is about creating a lifestyle that will enhance the parenting journey.

It may seem easier said than done. But think about it…you would do ANYTHING for your kids…

So let’s hustle…the parent hustle.

Start small. 10 -15 minutes daily is a great start. Will you commit to the parent hustle?

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