Valentine’s Day Every Day


What if every day could resemble Valentine’s Day?  Maybe it won’t be chocolates and roses every day all day, but what if you and your spouse understood each other’s love language? The result of your relationship just might resemble Valentine’s Day.

In his book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman shares that everyone has a primary way of expressing and receiving love, which is referred to as their “love language.” By speaking your spouse’s primary love language, it can be Valentine’s Day every day!

The premise of the 5 Love Languages is quite practical. Take the time to learn another language…the primary love language of your spouse and you will express love in purposeful ways. This doesn’t mean your marriage will be perfect, but it will give you the choice to meet each other’s emotional need.

Here’s a brief description and examples of Gary Chapman’s categories of The Five Love Languages:

Words of Affirmation – Words speak louder than actions. Verbally expressing thoughts or feelings will communicate love to your spouse.

  • “Thanks for washing the dishes.”
  • “Your perfume smells scrumptious.”
  • “I appreciate you washing the car.”

Quality Time – Undivided attention is desired. Do something your spouse chooses to do. And do it genuinely.

  • No devices, no television
  • Talk one-on-one, face to face

Receiving Gifts – Visible symbols of love are significant. It doesn’t matter if the gift is purchased or not. The gift symbolizes that you thought of your spouse.

  • Write a loving note
  • Surprise them with their favorite treat
  • Give flowers, bought or from the garden

Acts of Service – Hears “love” when you do things they would like you to do.

  • Open doors (car and doorways)
  • Do a chore your spouse normally does
  • Keep the kids while spouse has me time

Physical Touch  –  Physical interaction is a must.

  • Hold hands
  • Hug often
  • Give backrubs  

My primary love language is Acts of Service and I truly feel loved when my hubby cooks or does the laundry!! The hubby’s primary love language is Quality Time, so I make sure to give him my undivided attention regularly!

Connection happens when you speak each other’s love language.

Take Action

Plan a date night. Pour a beverage of choice. Get your devices. Visit the site and take the assessment together. Talk about your results. Be gentle and use kind words to share ideas of how to express love in your primary language. Happy Valentine’s Day…daily
I would LOVE to read about your results! Share below.

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